Don Lemon Fires Back at Sen. Perdue, Offers Up Remedial Visual Aid for Pronouncing Kamala Harris’ Name Correctly

CNN’s Don Lemon wasn’t buying Sen. David Perdue’s (R-GA) excuse for flippantly botching the first name of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris, and so he created a remedial for the struggling GOP politician to help him out.

During a warm-up speech at a Trump campaign rally in Georgia on Friday afternoon, Perdue had mispronounced and then obviously mocked Harris’ first name, as the crowd laughed and cheered. Of note: Perdue and Harris have both been in the Senate since 2016 and serve together on the 19-member Senate Budget Committee. Perdue’s sing-songy “Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know, whatever” insult evoked an infamous moment from the 2008 presidential race, where then-Senator George Allen (R-VA) had singled out an
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