Don Lemon Draws Fire From Ice Cube For ‘Punk Ass’ Trump-Related Criticism: ‘If You Have Any Balls. I Need To Be On Your Show’

CNN anchor Don Lemon criticized Ice Cube for his involvement with President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, causing the rapper to lash out on Twitter and issue a challenge to meet on Lemon’s show.

Lemon opened Friday night’s edition of CNN Tonight by bantering with colleague Chris Cuomo about a just-concluded interview with the rap and film star, who has been facing intense criticism ever since the Trump campaign announced — with his permission — that the rapper advised them on President Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black America.

Lemon couched his criticism in respectful terms, telling Cuomo  “I don’t want to disrespect him, he’s very accomplished, I’ve only met him a few times, nice guy.”

“But one needs to
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