‘What the Actual F?!’ Jake Tapper Takes a Flamethrower to Trump for Feigning Ignorance Over ‘Secret Cabal of Cannibalistic Pedophiles’

CNN’s Jake Tapper had a literal WTF moment on his show, The Lead, Friday afternoon, absolutely incredulous that the President of the United States was having such a struggle denouncing the QAnon conspiracy cult.

In a segment with CNN’s Abby Phillip and Washington Post‘s Philip Bump, Tapper brought up President Donald Trump’s comments at Thursday’s town hall, where once again he shrugged off his retweet of an insane QAnon conspiracy theory that the Obama administration had faked killing Osama bin Laden and murdered our own Navy SEALs, and refused to denounce them, claiming “I don’t know anything” about them but he had heard that they were “Read more…

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