Trump Shocks at NBC Town Hall By Defending Insane QAnon Conspiracists: They’re ‘Very Strongly Against Pedophilia’

President Donald Trump snapped at Today Show host Savannah Guthrie during Thursday night’s NBC town hall after she pointed out his hesitancy in denouncing white supremacists at the first presidential debate. And then, moments later, he repeatedly refused to denounce the QAnon conspiracy theorists.

“You were asked point blank to denounce white supremacy. In the moment, you didn’t,” Guthrie pointed out. “You asked some followup questions, ‘Who specifically.’ A couple of days later on a different show, you denounced white supremacy.”

“Here we go, you always do this. You’ve done this to me,” Trump broke in, complaining about the question.

“I denounced white supremacy for years but you always start off with the question, you didn’t ask Joe Biden whether or not
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