Trump Faces Intense Grilling From Savannah Guthrie, Says He Can’t Recall If He Took Covid Test Day of Debate

Savannah Guthrie opened NBC’s town hall with President Donald Trump with an intense interrogation on his medical status, his coronavirus leadership, and everything in between.

After Guthrie kicked off the event by recapping how Trump’s second debate with Joe Biden fell apart (it had been scheduled for tonight) she turned to Trump’s recent hospitalization with Covid-19. She asked Trump how severe his symptoms were and “did the doctors ever tell you that they saw pneumonia on your lung scan?”

“I didn’t feel good,” Trump replied, noting his lungs may have been infected.

Guthrie moved on to the timing of Trump’s diagnosis, asking “when was your last negative test? When did you last remember having a negative test?”

The White House has refused
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