Snowflake in Chief? Trump Surrogates Angered that POTUS Faced Actual Questions from Savannah Guthrie

Like nearly everything else in today’s hyperpartisan landscape, the opinion media reaction to the dueling town halls from Thursday night fell along party lines. But the conservative media’s outrage at Savannah Guthrie’s temerity to ask challenging questions to President Donald Trump reveals that many on the right side of the political media aisle have forgotten a basic tenet of journalism is to speak truth to power.

Many are remarkably butthurt that the commander in chief had to endure FORTY questions from a non-sycophantic interviewer not bent on trying to impress President Trump, Whtie House aides, or fellow pro-Trump media surrogates.

Guthrie received plaudits for her respectful but tough handling of President Trump’s world-class pivoting, obfuscation, and consistent ignoring
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