No, Amy Coney Barrett Didn’t Rule That Using the N-Word in the Workplace Is Fine

Much is being made in the media world about Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett’s Seventh Circuit ruling in a case involving the workplace use of the n-word. “US Supreme Court Nominee Ruled Using N-Word Doesn’t Make Workplace Hostile, Abusive. You Can’t Make This Up,” and “Let the Record Show: Amy Coney Barrett Draws Scrutiny for Ruling Saying ‘N-Word’ Doesn’t Prove a Workplace Is Hostile,” say the headlines.

But is it really true? Do we really have a federal judge and Supreme Court nominee who has gone on record as saying that the n-word is NBD?

In a word, no.

Whatever Judge Barrett may personally think about the n-word, her Seventh Circuit ruling in Smith v. Illinois
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