LISTEN: GOP Sen. Ben Sasse Absolutely Torches Trump on Call With Voters, Says He ‘Kisses Dictators’ Butts’ and Has ‘Flirted with White Supremacists’

Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) claimed that President Donald Trump has “flirted with white supremacists” and “kisses dictators’ butts” in a private call with constituents, according to The Washington Examiner. 

“The way he kisses dictators’ butts. I mean, the way he ignores the Uighurs, our literal concentration camps in Xinjiang. Right now, he hasn’t lifted a finger on behalf of the Hong-Kongers,” Sasse said.

“The United States now regularly sells out our allies under his leadership, the way he treats women, spends like a drunken sailor. The ways I criticize President Obama for that kind of spending; I’ve criticized President Trump for as well. He mocks evangelicals behind closed doors. His family has treated
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