GOP Congressman Blasts Trump for Retweeting ‘Batsh*t Crazy’ QAnon Conspiracy: ‘If It’s Insane, You Probably Shouldn’t Tweet It!’

Rep. Denver Riggleman blasted President Donald Trump for retweeting a “batshit crazy” QAnon conspiracy theory, telling CNN’s Jake Tapper that it was an “insane” and “dangerous tweet.”

Tapper began the segment with the original tweet that the president had shared, which he described as “yet another baseless conspiracy theory” — a post by a QAnon supporter claiming that former President Barack Obama had somehow faked the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, killing a body double for the terrorist leader instead and murdering the Navy SEALs to cover up the crime.

The tweet was, as Tapper correctly noted, “heinous false allegations too deranged to really go into here,” and Twitter swiftly suspended the QAnon supporter’s account. One of the SEALs
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