Assistant U.S. Attorney Leaves DOJ After 36 Years Due to ‘Lap Dog’ Bill Barr’s ‘Slavish Obedience to Donald Trump’s Will’

An Assistant U.S. Attorney General who worked in the Department of Justice for more than three decades and under “19 different attorneys general and six different presidents” is leaving the department because he’s had enough of Attorney General Bill Barr’s “slavish obedience to Donald Trump’s will.”

Philip Halpern wrote in an op-ed for the San Diego Union-Tribune on Wednesday that Barr is a “well-trained bureaucrat” and a “career bureaucrat” who “seems determined to turn our democracy into an autocracy.” This is a criticism that has been levied against Barr more than a few times during his second stint as attorney general of the United States.

In “I won’t work in Attorney General William Barr’s Justice Department any longer,”
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