Ted Cruz Reveals He Didn’t Know Charles Manson is Dead, Stonewalls on Whether He’s the Zodiac Killer

As Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) went on the attack against Democrats during Amy Coney Barrett’s latest Supreme Court hearing, he botched up his facts and revealed he didn’t know Charles Manson is dead.

After Cruz clashed with Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) over the reason why Democrats were absent from Wednesday’s proceeding, he began to slam Democrats in favor of restoring voting rights to disenfranchised felons. Cruz made a plethora of insinuations about Democrats drawing political support from violent criminals, and eventually, he invoked Manson’s name to make his point:

“I’m not sure the operation of the republic would be better if Charles Manson had a greater voice in the electoral system,” Cruz said. “[Bernie Sanders] argued that felons in
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