Hannity Panel Erupts on Geraldo Rivera for Saying Kamala Harris ‘Passed the Threshold’ at VP Debate

Sean Hannity and his guests largely panned Kamala Harris’ performance at the big vice presidential debate, but everyone went off on Geraldo Rivera when he said Harris had good moments and accomplished what she needed to at the debate.

As Hannity said Harris was lying about several issues, Rivera argued, “I think you’re burying the lede”:

“The only real mistake Kamala Harris made tonight was over-smirking, over-smiling. She had to sell herself to the American people as not a scary lady, that she would be a competent, believable, credible vice president. I think she passed that threshold. I think that the vice president’s only sin tonight was over-talking… In terms of the specific issues, I think it’s all about the
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