Jason Johnson Calls Out ‘Terrible Day’ For GOP as Covid Reaches Inside White House: ‘Could Be the Death Knell of a Functional Campaign’ by Trump

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson warned that the bombshell news top White House aide Hope Hicks has tested positive for the coronavirus and that President Donald Trump has begun pre-emptive quarantining while awaiting his own test results could be devastating for his re-election effort.

Speaking with MSNBC’s 11th Hour host Brian Williams, Johnson said he suspected the news about Hicks was merely a crack in the dam, and that many more revelations about the spread of the virus amongst the White House’s inner circle could be on the way.

“We talk about October surprises, right? This is going to be like a nesting doll, Russian nesting doll of surprises,” Johnson predicted. “This has been — we’ve said this so many times over the
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