Former White House Advisor Kevin Hassett Sees Cable News ‘Glee’ in Reporting Trump Case: ‘Morality Play Upsets Me’

Former White House senior economic advisor Kevin Hassett criticized the media for taking “glee” in the news that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for Covid-19, arguing that White House workers who go in despite the risks are heroic, not “in denial about Covid.”

On CNN Newsroom Friday, Hassett said following Trump’s positive test, “For the most part, I think that even at his age most people who get Covid recover relatively quickly and don’t have very serious — unless they have comorbidities — very serious outcomes.”

After Poppy Harlow noted that Hassett was working at the White House when two other staffers tested positive for Covid-19, Hassett said, “It’s more than just the two that became
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