Biden Says He’s Not Sorry for Calling Trump Racist, Clown, Liar, ‘Putin’s Puppy’ During Debate: ‘Everything I Said Was True’

Several local TV interviewers gave former Vice President Joe Biden a chance to apologize for calling President Donald Trump things like “racist” and “clown” and “liar” and “Putin’s puppy” to his face at Tuesday night’s debate.

On Wednesday, Biden gave a whopping eight interviews to local TV stations in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and in three of those eight, he was asked about some of his testier responses to Trump — and each of them offered him the chance to apologize.

KDKA political editor Jon Delano of Pittsburgh told Biden “As you know he interrupted you more than 70 times. But you did call the president a quote fool, liar, clown, racist, Putin’s puppy, and the
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