Hillary Clinton Predicts Trump’s Lies, Reality TV Approach Will Fall Flat With American People in Debates: ‘His Series Is About to Be Cancelled’

Donald Trump’s 2016 election opponent, Hillary Clinton, predicted that his ongoing lies and abrasive, reality TV approach to the presidency will fall flat in the 2020 debates against former Vice President Joe Biden.

During a pre-debate panel discussion on MSNBC, Clinton weighed in on the lessons learned from debating Trump three times during the campaign four years ago. She conceded that Trump had an advantage going into their debates, in that he was by then a very familiar face on the televisions of many Americans.

“To a certain extent, it is going to be something Americans watch on TV as a bit of a political TV show,” co-host Rachel Maddow pointed out, about Trump’s role in the debate. “Engaging him on
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