Anderson Cooper Mocks Trump’s Massive Losses, Debt Uncovered by NYT Story: ‘He Doesn’t Have a Midas Touch…Very Far From It’

CNN’s Anderson Cooper opened his show with a long, withering look at President Donald Trump’s past hypocrisy and false statements about his business success, in light of the bombshell New York Times story that details hundreds of millions of dollars of financial losses and debt.

On Monday evening, Cooper used an extended opening monologue and numerous archival clips to contrast the behind-the-scenes picture of Trump’s business acumen — or lack thereof — revealed by the Times and his many boasts about his lucrative profits over the past years. He began by snarkily noting that Trump abruptly left two White House events on Monday without taking any questions from the press.

“Good evening, the wealthiest president ever does not want to talk about reporting that
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