MSNBC’s Joy Reid Blasts President for Holding Packed, Maskless Campaign Rallies: ‘Like Typhoid Trumpy Going from State to State’

MSNBC host Joy Reid slammed Donald Trump during a discussion about a possible Covid-19 vaccine with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, calling out the president for continuing to hold large, non-socially distanced and mostly maskless campaign rallies even as the pandemic continues on.

During her Friday evening show, Reid conducted a phone interview with the governor in response to hist Thursday announcement that he would have his own state’s public health board review any federally-approved Covid vaccine before allowing it to be distributed in New York. The move,  prompted by concerns that Trump has politicized the timetable for the vaccine’s trials to help his re-election, prompted a backlash from the president on Friday, when suggested Cuomo’s move would
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