Bill Maher Goes Off on 2016 ‘Hillary Equivocators’ and Third-Party Voters: ‘You All Have to Eat It One More Time’

During his new rule on the consequences of Democrats losing political power Friday night, Bill Maher brought up 2016 “Hillary equivocators” and third-party voters to tell them, “You all have to eat it one more time.”

He said it’s pointless for liberals to call Republicans hypocrites in the Supreme Court fight because “they have no morals.”

“There’s no catching them in an inconsistency. They don’t care,” Maher said. “The only rule Republicans play by is ‘the people who win make the rules.’ Power talks, losers walk.”

He argued that with a 6-3 majority in the Supreme Court, “when the 2020 election winds up in the lap of that court, as they’re practically already promising it will, guess who wins.”

And that’s when
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