Tucker Carlson Slams Black MSNBC Pundits, Accuses Them of Attacking Black Kentucky AG as ‘Race Traitor’ Over Breonna Taylor Case

Fox News host Tucker Carlson railed against Black MSNBC pundits on his primetime show Thursday night, accusing them of attacking the Republican Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron as a “race-traitor” following his announcement about the lack of indictments for the killing of Breonna Taylor.

“Well if nothing else, that shows that real-life is more complicated than the straightforward black-and-white race war the media is always promoting,” Carlson began. “MSNBC won’t acknowledge that though, in fact, yesterday they turned over their airwaves to talking heads who describe the African-American attorney general of Kentucky, Daniel Cameron, as a race traitor for disagreeing with them.”

Carlson then aired snippets of MSNBC host Joy Reid as well as other guests on the competing cable network, railing against Cameron.

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