‘She is Lying to Americans Again’: Brianna Keilar Fires Back at Kayleigh McEnany Tying Her to Cop Shootings in Scathing Commentary

Brianna Keilar pushed back hard on Kayleigh McEnany Friday afternoon after the White House press secretary connected comments from the CNN news anchor to the shooting of two Louisville police officers.

“She is lying to Americans again,” Keilar said of McEnany.

Civil unrest turned violent Wednesday night after a grand jury only indicted one cop in the killing of Breonna Taylor, not for her death, but for shooting into a neighboring apartment — which was viewed as an outrageous injustice by many. As McEnany wrapped her Thursday briefing, she made a direct link between Keilar’s comments and the shooting of two police officers that happened during protests.

“You contrast his message with that of CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who said ‘I
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