WATCH: CNN Anchor Kate Bolduan Breaks Down as Guest Tells Heartwrenching Story About 28-Year-Old Sister Who Died From Covid

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan broke down on air Tuesday as her guest told the heartwrenching story of her sister’s passing from coronavirus complications.

Bolduan’s guest, Maureen Fagan, appeared on the show as the nation surpassed the grim milestone of 200,000 Covid-19 deaths — revealing that her sister Adeline, a 28-year-old doctor, passed away from the virus on Saturday.

“Two hundred thousand is not just a number,” Bolduan told viewers. “It is lives. Each death is someone with a future, someone with plans, someone with goals — with a family, like 28-year-old Adeline Fagan.”

Maureen went on to express how difficult it has been to process her sister’s death, adding that she believes her and her family will get through the hard time together.

Maureen explained
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