Dem Challenger Jaime Harrison Hits Sen. Graham for Ignoring SC Voters: ‘Lindsey Just Wants to Sit with Sean Hannity Every Night or Fly Around on Air Force One’

South Carolina Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison slammed his Senate rival, incumbent Lindsay Graham, accusing him of being more concerned with going on Fox News and hanging out with President Donald Trump than his home state’s voters.

Appearing on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell on Monday night, Harrison hit back at Graham’s rank hypocrisy about appointing a Supreme Court justice right before a presidential election as well as the senator’s apparent disregard for the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — and its accompanying economic crisis.

“What I find disturbing, Lawrence, is that Lindsey Graham took off almost all of August. He went golfing. He even got a tan,” Harrison pointed out. “And now he can find the urgency to rush a Supreme Court
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