‘Where Is the Plan?!’: CNN’s Keilar Gets Heated Repeatedly Confronting WH Official on Trump’s Long-Promised Health Care Proposal

With President Donald Trump talking recently about releasing a health care plan soon, CNN’s Brianna Keilar repeatedly confronted White House deputy communications director Brian Morgenstern on when it’s actually going to be released.

Morgenstern talked up what Trump has already done on health care and said that the president is “committed to protecting preexisting conditions,” and that he’s “about reducing costs [and] expanding access.”

“People are already voting. Where is the plan?” Keilar asked.

Morgenstern talked about how the American people can get a “pretty good preview” by looking at what he’s already done, but Keilar interjected and showed video of Trump saying at his ABC News town hall last week “I have it all ready.”

“That was six days ago. Where
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