Anthony Anderson, Jimmy Kimmel Chant ‘Black Lives Matter’ at Emmy Awards: ‘Say it So That Mike Pence Can Hear!’

Anthony Anderson and Jimmy Kimmel chanted Black lives matter during the Emmy Awards on Sunday — Anderson even encouraging Kimmel to say it louder, “so that Mike Pence can hear!”

Anderson began by telling the viewers that the Emmy Awards has a record number of Black nominees this year — adding that the show was going to be Wakanda and the NBA All Star Weekend “all wrapped in one” before the pandemic forced everyone to stay home.

Anderson added that although everyone is quarantining, he’s “still rooting for everybody Black.”

“Because Black stories, Black performances, and Black lives matter,” Anderson added. Kimmel and Anderson then began to chant “Black lives matter,” getting louder and louder “so that Mike Pence can hear!”

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