Chuck Todd Gets Heated With GOP Sen.: Republicans Look Like Hypocrites on SCOTUS, ‘Sounds Like a Power Grab, Pure and Simple’

Chuck Todd repeatedly confronted Sen. John Barrasso (R- WY) on Meet the Press Sunday for Republicans changing their positions on filling Supreme Court vacancies in an election year.

Todd read off what Barrasso said in 2016, including, “This is not about the person. It’s about the principle involved, and I want to give the American people a voice in this.”

“Senator, these are your words!” Todd said. “Not once did you say, ‘Oh, it depends on what party the Senate holds versus the party of the president.’ This just sounds like a power grab, pure and simple.”

Barrasso argued that historically situation is different when you have a president and Senate majority of the same party, unlike in 2016.

Todd brought up
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