At Rally Trump Touts His Idea for Oracle to Pay $5 Billion Into ‘Real History’ Education Fund Amid Pending TikTok Purchase

President Donald Trump at his Saturday evening campaign rally in North Carolina touted that he is going to have Oracle pay the United States $5 billion for an education fund to teach students about “real history” pending the technology company purchasing of TikTok.

“We are very close to a great deal with TikTok. TikTok,” Trump began. “But nobody cares about that anymore, all they care about is ‘fill that seat,’ right? Until about 24 hours ago, that’s all they talked about was TikTok. TikTok.”

“But, we have a deal worked out, I think with Walmart going to buy it along with Oracle, Larry Ellison [Oracle Co-founder]. It’s going to be an incredible combination,” Trump stated. “And I said, could you
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