Joe Rogan Pushes Debunked Claim Linking Left-Wing Activists to Forest Fires in Oregon

Podcast host Joe Rogan pushed a debunked claim that “left-wing” activists were lighting forests ablaze in Oregon on his show Thursday — giving credence to a conspiracy theory that has spread virally on social media.

“I actually love Portland,” Rogan began, before alluding to the months of unrest and protest against racial injustice that followed the police killing of George Floyd. “Most of the people there are very nice, but there is a madness going on there. You want to talk about madness of crowds.”

“That is…exemplifies that right now, and to me …they’ve arrested people for lighting forest fires up there, they’ve arrested left-wing people for lighting these forest fires, air-quote, activists,” Rogan then claimed.

Joe Rogan lies to his
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