Trump Falsely Denies He Downplayed Covid During ABC News Town Hall, Despite Admission on Woodward Tapes: ‘In Many Ways, I Up-Played It’

President Donald Trump talked over an uncommitted voter and tried to deny the premise of her question to him about his downplaying the risk of the Covid-19 outbreak, during an early preview of the ABC News town hall.

The question from Ajani Powell, an African-American student from Pennsylvania, was clearly evoking the bombshell reports from Bob Woodward’s forthcoming inside-the-White-House account, Rage. In it, Trump admitted during on-the-record — and taped — interviews with Woodward that he had, in fact, repeatedly attempted to minimize the threat from the coronavirus even as he was learning of its deadly nature from national security and public health officials. “I always wanted to play it down. I still like playing it down,” Trump said in
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