‘Oh My Gosh’: Don Lemon Vents His Full Exasperation Over Trump’s Evasive, ‘I Hope There’s Not a Race Problem’ Answer at Town Hall

CNN’s Don Lemon vented his full exasperation over President Donald Trump, who expressed his “hope” that systemic racism doesn’t exist in the country, during a rambling and evasive answer to a question from an African-American pastor at the ABC News town hall.

During his show on Tuesday night, Lemon, along with his guest, Washington Post’s David Swerdlick, dissected the president’s response just minutes earlier to Pastor Carl Day, who pressed Trump on the historical reference point for his “Make America Great Again” slogan. Day had noted that many Black neighborhoods have faced decades of systemically racist policies like redlining, underfunding, and prejudice in hiring.

“The same things happen and systems and cycles continue to ensue. And we need to see — you
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