Sunny Hostin Disagrees with Meghan McCain on Joe Rogan Moderating Debate: He Compared ‘Black Neighborhood to Planet of the Apes’

Sunny Hostin disagreed with Meghan McCain’s support for the idea that Joe Rogan should moderate the presidential debate — reminding The View hosts that the podcaster has made sexist and racist remarks, including comparing a Black neighborhood to Planet of the Apes. 

“Anyone who doesn’t follow him, Joe Rogan is a juggernaut,” McCain said. “He has 200 million uniques on his podcast a month. He signed a historic deal with Spotify. He has an absolutely huge audience. He’s controversial to some people, to other people he’s basically the everyman speaking truth to power depending on your perspective.”

McCain then expressed her disappointment with the current debate moderator choices, which include Fox News’ Chris Wallace, USA Today’s Susan Page, C-SPAN’s Steve Scully, and NBC
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