Nevada Gov. Sisolak Goes Off on Trump Over Indoor Rally: ‘Chose to Show Callous Disregard in a Reckless, Selfish, Irresponsible Way’

Governor Steve Sisolak (D- NV) went off on President Donald Trump Monday night for his massive indoor rally in Nevada Sunday night.

The Trump campaign faced criticism for holding the indoor rally despite coronavirus concerns. The Trump campaign has responded at recent rallies by trolling the media and saying the rally is just a “peaceful protest.”

Sisolak appeared on CNN with Erin Burnett Monday night and first reacted to the president’s comments to Bob Woodward.

“I’ve been on weekly calls with the president’s task force, with Vice President Pence, with the CDC, with FEMA, literally begging for PPE, for test kits,” the governor said. “literally begging, ‘Can you give us some transport materials, can you give us swabs? ‘Oh, you
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