MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart Cuts Right to Chase in Hot Mess Interview With Rudy Giuliani: ‘What Happened To You?’

Personal attorney to President Donald Trump and former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday and ended up in messy fight with guest host Jonathan Capehart, who asked the former prosecutor “What happened to you?”

In the very long interview, Capehart was pressing Giuliani over his dealings with KGB-trained Russian agent Andrii Derkach. Giuliani repeatedly objected the tone and wording of the questions, saying that he merely interviewed the spy about former Vice President Joe Biden, and didn’t “work” with him. Eventually Capehart was able to get a direct question in over those objections.

“Mayor Giuliani have you ever ever paid or facilitated payments to Kerkach for any information or vice versa?” he asked.

“No, I don’t
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