Tapper Presses Biden on Trade, Gets Him to Admit USMCA Better Than NAFTA: Doesn’t Trump ‘Deserve Some Credit for That?’

CNN’s Jake Tapper pushed Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on the Obama-Biden administration’s trade record and Trump’s renegotiation of NAFTA, pressing Biden into acknowledging that its replacement, USMCA, was an improvement.

During a long, one-on-one interview on location in Michigan, the CNN host devoted a large chunk of an interview with Biden to challenge him on Trump’s 2016 appeal to working class voters and the loss of jobs from NAFTA that Biden supporters when it passes Congress.

“Don’t you think that one of the reasons why President Trump has been able to appeal to the blue-collar workers that you talk about is because of his message on trade?” Tapper asked. “He pointed to NAFTA, which you supported. He pointed to
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