‘Why Is It OK for You to Use Anonymous Sources?’ Stephen Hayes Calls Out Fellow Fox Panelist Mollie Hemingway’s Dismissal of Atlantic Report

During a Fox News panel discussion of the blockbuster report from The Atlantic that claims President Donald Trump insulted and disrespected American war dead, The Bulwark’s Stephen Hayes called out Fox’s Mollie Hemingway for dismissing it as “not true” based on the story’s use of anonymous sources and vigorous White House denials.

In an appearance on Special Report with Bret Baier, the panel noted the dueling narratives about the anonymously-sourced story, with the president and numerous other current and former administration officials claiming it was blatantly false, while several news organizations, including the Associated Press and Washington Post, backing the story, using anonymous sources as well.

During her first turn at addressing the story, Hemingway flatly called the report “not true” based on “actual, contemporaneous evidence.”

But moments
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