‘Make It Look Like North Korea’: Melania’s Ex-Best Friend Recounts Trump’s Request for Tanks, Choppers at Inauguration

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow opened her interview with the author of a new tell-all book, Melania and Me, by reading a passage about planning the 2016 presidential inauguration, in which President-Elect Donald Trump requested U.S. military tanks and helicopters to celebrate his win and specifically referenced the martial displays of totalitarian North Korea as his standard.

In an earlier except of the book seen by Vanity Fair, the Melania was reportedly often displeased by the way “princess” Ivanka seemed to elbow her way into duties traditionally taken on by the First Lady

On MSNBC on Tuesday night, the book’s author, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, told Maddow how she was stunned by the plans that both Trump and his daughter,
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