Fox’s Kennedy And Marie Harf Clash Over Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and Antifa: ‘Soy-Boy’

Fox News host Kennedy and Fox News contributor Marie Harf clashed on Wednesday over Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and “the Antifa people” who are demonstrating in Portland, Oregon.

Kennedy began the segment by blasting Wheeler as a feckless “soy-boy.”

“This isn’t a bunch of Democrats who are running around in the streets. And the Antifa people, who are well organized, they want structural change,” Kennedy began. “They want to bring down this system. Marie, Ted Wheeler has tried to go out and march with the protestors and cry and all that stuff. He’s another mayoral soy-boy who is completely feckless.”

Kennedy then posed the following question to Harf: “So why does the left hate Ted Wheeler so much, Marie?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call
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