MSNBC’s Jason Johnson Hammers RNC for Praising Trump Instead of Addressing Country’s Crises: ‘Like a Bunch of Clones of Mike Pence’

MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson called out the first night of the Republican National Convention for its relentless, reflexive praise of President Donald Trump while failing to address the reality of the multiple crises facing the country and the much more diverse suburban voters the party is trying to woo.

During an Tuesday even gin appearance on Deadline: White House, Johnson spoke with Nicolle Wallace about the narrative of the evening and how the repeated attempts at stoking racial division trafficked in decades-old tropes.

“Suburbs are more liberal than four years ago and the suburbs are more diverse than they’ve ever been,” Wallace pointed out. “[The GOP is] running on calling people in the suburbs, they keep talking about ‘suburban housewives’ and making them less
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