Michael Cohen Stars in New Ad on Night 1 of RNC Slamming the President’s ‘Law and Order’ Message: ‘That’s Laughable’

Donald Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen, who was convicted of campaign finance violations for helping then-candidate Trump cover up multiple affairs in 2016, appeared in a new anti-Trump ad on Monday evening, just as the Republican National Convention gets underway.

In a 90-plus second ad put out by the pro-Democratic Super PAC, American Bridge, Cohen speaks directly to camera to blast the “illusion” of Trump that he spent more than a decade creating. Cohen has reportedly been working on a tell-all book and last week he teased some salacious details and racist comments by Trump.

“I was complicit in helping conceal the real Donald Trump,” Cohen begins. “I was part of creating an illusion. Later this week, he’s going
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