‘Is Your Backup Plan to Be Pardoned Like Roger Stone?’: House Dem Ignites Postmaster DeJoy Hearing With Brutal Line of Questioning

Rep. Jim Cooper (D-TN) asked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy whether his “backup plan” is “to be pardoned like Roger Stone” on Monday during DeJoy’s hearing before the House Oversight Committee.

Cooper opened by telling DeJoy that a letter sent by one of his constituents to the social security office just twenty miles away “took 12 days to arrive,” before adding, “Just this morning, excellent reporting from Nashville’s Channel 5 TV proves that Nashville’s mail trucks are being forced to leave on schedule even when completely empty.”

“Imagine it, 53-foot trucks forced to travel hundreds of miles completely empty due to your so-called reforms… That’s not efficiency. That’s insanity. For anyone thinking of voting absentee, the effect of your policies is
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