Bill Maher’s ‘New Rule’ Blasts Republicans for Embracing Absurd, Pro-Trump QAnon Conspiracy Theory: In GOP. ‘Today’s Lunatic Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream’

Comedian Bill Maher pulled his “Q” laptop and dark robe out of the closet to reprise his “I am Q” mockery on Friday night, skewering the Republican Party for its slow-motion embrace of an absurd, pro-Trump conspiracy theory that believes a cabal of secret pedophiles are running the country while also practicing child sacrifice and cannibalism.

Two years ago, Maher took aim at the budding, myth-making QAnon group, mockingly revealing himself to be the actual, shadowy figure, “Q.” But two years later, Maher felt compelled to parody it once again, after President Donald Trump offered a winking embrace of the bonkers movement during a White House press briefing this week, a move that came a week after he
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