WATCH: Local News Anchor Hilariously Gags on New ‘Turkey Dinner’-Flavored Candy Corn — Including Green Beans

The introduction of Brach’s “Turkey Dinner” candy corn was met with revulsion, particularly from local Dallas anchor Tashara Parker, who tried the “treats” live on the air to hilarious effect.

The 126 year-old candy company shocked the world this week by introducing the newest batch of their trademark fall confection, a Thanksgiving-themed bag featuring candy corn flavors like roasted turkey, green beans, stuffing, ginger-glazed carrots, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie.

Viewers of Dallas ABC station WFAA’s Daybreak got a live demonstration of the product, as Parker taste-tested the feast live on the air. It did not go well. Parker gamely plowed through several pieces, but visibly gagged while choking down the “green bean” flavor.

“No, these
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