‘Would Reek of Jim Crow’: Experts Fear Trump Could Send Federal Officials to Deter Mail-In Voting

Could President Donald Trump send in federal officials to oversee the 2020 elections? A new report suggests the 45th president might attempt to do exactly that–under the guise of protecting the vote.

The sure-fire way to ignite a storm of controversy was recently discussed against the backdrop of Trump’s so-called “Friday Night Massacre” against the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and lingering efforts by Republicans to de-legitimize vote-by-mail in most states.

Various efforts are said to be underway in order to diminish the postal vote’s impact on the 2020 general election–including an emergency declaration for USPS to stop delivering certain ballots.

Per Anita Kumar in Politico:

Election experts said a more likely option for Trump would be sending federal officials
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