Joe Biden’s Fox-Trolling Mask-Wearing Bike Ride Sets Twitter Ablaze: ‘Point to Biden’

Former Vice President and current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden got some priceless social media buzz Saturday when a few seconds of his bike ride went viral thanks to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy.

The enterprising Doocy shouted to a masked Biden “Mr. Vice President have you picked a running mate yet?”  as the ex-VP and his entourage passed by.

“Yeah I have,” said Biden.

“You have? Who is it?” asked Doocy, to which Biden jokingly replied “You!”

Doocy reported the first part of Biden’s response, that he has made his selection, as a scoop — which the Biden campaign quickly shot down.

But Twitter blue checks — including journalists — elevated the moment to viral status, noting the contrast between President Donald
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