Trump Defends Tulsa Rally in Axios Interview on Covid Response: ‘The Highest Rated Speech in the History of Fox’ on Saturdays

President Donald Trump defended the U.S. coronavirus response and his Tulsa campaign rally in his wide-ranging interview with Axios’ Jonathan Swan.

Swan repeatedly confronted the president on continued problems in the U.S. pandemic response and his comments at odds with public health experts.

“By June we knew things were bad,” Swan said before bringing up the Tulsa rally in particular. “These people, they listen to you!”

Trump — who started his answer by correcting media reports on how many people attended that rally — defended holding it and claimed, “You couldn’t even get it. It was like an armed camp, because thy had 120 Black Lives Matter people there.”

He also said that Tulsa was a “good area” at the time and cases
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