‘Trump Killed Herman Cain’ Written on Street Outside Trump National as President Returns From Golfing

Pool Photo/Alayna Treene

As President Donald Trump’s motorcade departed Trump National after his golf outing, protesters lined a street that was emblazoned in chalk with the inscription “Trump Killed Herman Cain.”

Trump was greeted with boos and a few protesters on his way into Trump National on Saturday morning, but according to a pool report on his return to the White House, the trip home was even less friendly, as more protesters appeared, and graffiti on the street blamed Trump for the death of former presidential candidate and pizza mogul Cain.

There were also pro-Trump demonstrators.

From Axios White House reporter Alayna Treene:

The pool departed Trump National in Sterling, Va. at 1:57pm, roughly 4 hours after we arrived.

According to Shirish
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