‘A Man Possessed’: Anderson Cooper Rips Trump for Continuing to Defend Doc Pushing Hydroxychloroquine and ‘Demon Sex’

It is not a normal cable news segment that mentions both demon sperm and demon sex several times in discussing a global pandemic. But then, 2020 is anything but a normal cable news year.

Anderson Cooper’s opening monologue proved both of those points on Wednesday, as he took President Donald Trump to task for stubbornly defending a Houston doctor/minister who both falsely touts hydroxychloroquine as a “cure” for Covid-19 and has regaled fans of her online ministry with claims of how witches and demons use astral projection to have intercourse with humans from afar.

“Once again, today, he did have plenty to say about this woman who he has praised for her public embrace of hydroxychloroquine,” Cooper noted, alluding to
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