Every Woman Has a Chris Dodd — A Man Whose Reported, Petty Grudge Imperils Kamala Harris’ Shot at Being Vice President

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Every woman has a Chris Dodd. Black women experience a double dose of damaging Dodds, having to overcome both racist and sexist attitudes harbored by powerful men in order to get ahead in their careers.

What is a Chris Dodd? Literally speaking, a former United States senator and lobbyist who has been selected to co-chair the vice presidential vetting committee of Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden. But on the heels of a Politico article on the veepstakes in which Dodd’s grievances, and frankly vendetta, against Senator Kamala Harris are aired out through back channels, it is clear that Dodd represents much more.

According to the Politico report, Senator Harris’ offense was failing
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