WATCH: Jesse Watters Interviews Eric Trump About Twitter Censorship, Praises QAnon: ‘They Uncovered A Lot of Great Stuff’

Saturday night, Fox News primetime host Jesse Watters interviewed President Donald Trump‘s son, Eric Trump, and had some noteworthy words of praise for the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

The interview included a discussion about big tech “censoring” and news that broke earlier this week about Twitter banning 7,000 QAnon accounts for pushing misinformation and harassing other users.

Watters introduced the topic as “censorship” and “some funny business now” regarding “Q, I guess this conspiracy deal on the internet.”

“Twitter has basically cracked down and eliminated about 7,000 accounts,” said Watters, and “another 100,000 accounts are now in the cross-hairs.”

“Do you think this is an attempt to interfere in an election?” he asked Trump. “Because you know, Q can do some
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