Monica Lewinsky Wins ‘I Have a Joke, But..’ Meme With Hilarious Intern-Themed Tweet

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images/Vanity Fair

Former White House intern-turned anti-bullying activist Monica Lewinsky dropped the mic on a popular Twitter meme with a hilariously self-aware and perfect tweet.

This weekend, Twitter users engaged, en masse, in a social media parlor game in which the user describes the topic of a hypothetical joke, then attempts a humorous, often pun-oriented description of the joke as a kicker to the tweet.

For example, a user might write “I have an ethanol joke,” then add “but it’s corny,” or alternately format the tweet by writing “I have a cat joke,” and then adding “and it’s purr-fect.”

The meme took off using the format whereby one user quote-tweets another user’s variation on the joke, as did
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